“If You Have Been Suffering From Chronic Hair Loss And Baldness And You Really Want To Put An End To This Embarrasing Situation, Then You Need To Read My Bittersweet Story Till The End”


Because by the time you are done reading my true life story, you will not only understand the pain and shame I went through but also learn the Almighty Ancient Natural Chinese Formula used in regaining my youthful, healthy and full grow hair.



You will learn the secret of turning this;





My long, thick black  hair – the thing I liked most about my looks – began to fall out 23rd of  June, 5 years ago, when I was 21 in my final year in the University of Ghana.  I’d perpetually pick hair off my arms, my back, on car seat, my bathroom counter. My shower drain clogged easily.


At first I thought the shedding was temporary and must be connected to a medical problem. My hair was receding and falling out at an extremely fast rate; it was like the hair loss switch was turned on.

I consulted five doctors, endured dozens of blood tests and spent thousands of cedis. I secretly hoped I had a thyroid problem, a hormone imbalance, some kind of vitamin or iron deficiency, protein deprivation or emotional trauma. I needed an explanation. But all the tests came back negative.

After exhausting my options, I’ve had to face the truth: nothing is going to stop my hair from falling.

My father and brother have varying degrees of hair loss

My mother had fine hair but her sister (aunty Nana) had terrible bald hair that makes her frontal looks like it was cemented, I honestly do not want to look like her but seeing the result now that I am 26, I am really scared I might eventually look like her.

My hair was an integral part of my identity. When my hair began to shed, my already fragile self-esteem broke apart. I felt ugly, ashamed. I was finding hair all over the place. My brush was full of hair all the time and my pillow had hair on it also. I had hair everywhere falling from my head.

I didn’t have cancer. I wasn’t undergoing chemotherapy; my hair doesn’t just want to stay with me,

Married with two kids now, watching my hair abandon me put me in a dark place. I went to therapy for a year and began taking antidepressants. I was in crisis. I’d sob in my husband’s arms and talk about my hair constantly and obsessively.

My hair was the last thing I’d think about before I went to sleep. And it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up.

Everyone loses hair, they said. That’s true. But for most people, that hair grows back. I knew all along that my situation was different; my follicles were dead. I just wish I hadn’t been right.



I started researching all the causes of hair loss. I looked for anything pertaining to preventative methods or treatments. The reality was that my hair was quickly thinning and other people started to notice too. People were looking at my scalp instead of my eyes when they were talking to me.

These past 5 years I have tried several things like;

  1. Mixing marijuana (locally known as weed) with methylated spirit and rubbing it on my hair but my hair did not grow, it only left with annoying bald spots all over my head.
  2. I used onion and vinegar, some friends even advised me to use raw eggs just to try it but it was a complete waste of effort
  3. What about creams, oil, spray and many products in the market and sold by beauty stores… they were plain waste of my money
  4. I even used drugs… these hair treatment drugs were expensive apart from the fact that these drugs has major side effect, so I had to stop using it

I used most of the hair loss products, drugs, oils and mixing of different things in other to gain back my self-esteem and be in control of my life once more but unfortunately it wasn’t solving the root cause of the problem. I wanted to know what I could do without going bankrupt that made me feel good about myself.

As a woman, having thinning hair or going bald has never been in fashion. Today, there are no celebrities or supermodels showing off their thinning or balding heads. It can make you feel as if your womanhood is somehow compromised.

  1. I tried Laser hair therapy which is using a low level laser to stimulate the hair follicles to produce hair, but that didn’t work either. I lost hope. I thought

“How I could live my life if my hair was thinning or if I became dangerously bald like Aunty Nana. What would I do?




February 17th this year. I woke up as usual thinking of a life with bald head but something different about today, I felt like something bad is going to happen to me, so I committed the day into God’s hand.

It was a Saturday and I needed to go to the grocery to get stuffs, made breakfast for the family, took my bath and headed outside to the car but just like the feeling I had earlier, my car wouldn’t start.

And I was like, I knew it… I hope more disappointment is not on its way.

Decided to take public transport and the most amazing thing happened….

I was sitting next to a lady with dark, thick natural long hair… wow; I thought to myself, I wish that was my hair…

Couldn’t stop staring at her until she noticed and asked me what the problem was,

Is that hair natural… I asked her

She smiled and said of cause yes, it is my natural hair but wasn’t always like this!!!

Say what? Wasn’t always like this!!! As in you used to have hair loss too? I just opened my mouth like a kid that saw candy!


She smiled and said not just hair loss, chronic baldness too.

How did you manage to get rid of it and have full hair like this…

Just as she was about telling me, she got to her destination and we decided to book an appointment so she can tell me the secret I have been dying to hear for over 5 years now.

So, guess this is why my car wouldn’t start…

Im so happy it didn’t start…

I think God is about to answer my prayer at last.

Came the day February 24th this year 2018, we met at a restaurant in Kasoa and we spoke for a long time, she told me how bad her condition was and how her then boyfriend left her because she had a frontal that was “cemented” and a hair that was very scanty.

She had terrible hair loss when I saw the picture on her phone. And I couldn’t wait to hear the secret behind her full blown her.

She said…


“Sister, I relate with your condition because I have been there too… BUT you spending all your salary on all the Chemical based hair products will NOT do it for you… you will only go bankrupt”


She continued….


“The Reason why You are having massive hair loss and baldness is due to the  “Mass produced” chemical based hair products you have been using all this while….this products contains toxic chemicals such as Isopropyl Alcohol, PEG-Polyethylene Glycol, Chlorine, DEA (Diethanolamine), and many other harmful chemicals.

“All You Need is a Natural product that Contains ONLY Ancient Herbal ingredients that will help you regrow your natural hair without causing damages at all.”

I thought for a while… so, all this products I have been using are part of the reasons why im gradually looking like aunty Nana with cemented frontal?

Most of these hair products that contains one chemical or the other is a ticking time bomb most people don’t know about.



Then she went On to tell me the Ancient Formula That Worked For her….


I discovered this RARE ANCIENT CHINESE solution made from 3 major natural plant extract and one that is not available anywhere in the world except china and North America; the polygonum multiflorum  which has been proven among other things to cure hair loss. it’s for both men and women of all hair types. Incase I have a male family or friend that is suffering from baldness and hair loss.


She brought the formula and showed me, just looking at it, I fell in love with the ancient Chinese formula, it looks so natural and the smell is so amazing…

She told me she ordered it all the way from china and it cost ₵247 per bottle.

She told me I needed 2 bottles to start with because it is expensive…

The two bottles cost ₵494 plus ₵130 for shipping and custom clearing at the airport, totaling ₵624 for just two bottles.

I gave her the money without thinking twice…
how would she scam me, she looks so pretty and civilized and organized to scam me, I thought…

hoping for the best and praying it works.

After About 4 Weeks, 23rd Of March Precisely, It Finally Landed

I knew it’s not a “magic” Chinese therapy that will give me instant full hair under 1 week, I knew I had to keep using it for maximum result.

So, I used it for about a month and some weeks cos of how terrible my situation was….

To my total amazement, unbelieve and surprise, my cemented frontal is gradually filling up with hairs, OMG, I couldn’t believe it

My frontal is growing hair

My couldn’t see hairs falling all over the place anymore

I comb my hair and no hair on the comb

I felt so happy

My self estemm is gradually returning

My husband is so happy because I don’t have to sob and think about my hair in his arms again.



I spoke to Cecilia Boateng; the angel that saved my life. We discussed and imported 100 pieces at a discounted price and lesser shipping and clearing fee so I can distribute to my friends and family who are in need of the amazing solution.

Guess what… they all loved it and kept thanking me for a week, some even took me shopping.

By the way… I didn’t stop at two bottles, I’m still using it because I want to look like;

I also sold the remaining on Facebook and those that bought it kept spreading the good news and more people were asking of it, telling me they will pay whatever price as long as they can get rid of the hair loss and baldness forever.

At first I didn’t want to consider it but as more people were asking and begging I have no other choice but to find solution in order to deliver to them as soon as possible.

So I contacted my angel (Cecilia) and we got in touch with the Chinese company through Dynamo Marketing services. A reputable Marketing firm so that the hair serum can be well distributed to people like you who really want to get rid of their bald hair and regrow it rapidly.

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What have I learned from my experiences? There are a lot of products out there, that I have tried, to treat hair loss and a lot of them don’t work. When researching hair products, ask yourself, does it make sense? Have the ingredients been researched and successfully used for hair loss?



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